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Tuesday 3rd January 2023

We have lots happening in our church building, not just Worship and Praise, please see the link below.

Our Building work is progressing, please see the photos.
As the NHS are now starting work in the former HMV building, there is no parking in the car park next to church.
As the builders have now moved the hut into the church car park, there is no parking in the Church Car park ( please speak to Mark if you do need to park)

Our Church is open most days from 10am, We have a Table in the front foyer which has food items to take, but please only take what you need

Oiur Service this coming Sunday 
This week we will be Looking at

To celebrate the way God reveals Himself to people of different races and nationalities-Jews and Gentiles

If you would like to have a look at the next weeks theme, then please download the powerpoint from the link
If you cant Join us in person , then please join us online via our facebook page the service starts at 10:30 
Building Works
The Chapel is now progressing smoothly, the foundations have been ammended with the right footplates installed, the cables and trunking made ready for the new tech,  to make ready for the steel framework,
The frame work is currently in the process of being fabricated. 
The foundations have also been sealed ...PHOTOS TO FOLLOW
Christmas is on the way
Today is the First Sunday of Advent

As things are getting tighter financially for everyone, unfortunately there will be a new serge in SCAMS, 
These scams will be in the form of email, text messages or a phone call.
Email scams
These may look like official emails from companies like Currys, Amazon, Royal Mail, not to mention banks and building societies 
These emails will ask you to change delivery dates, click on links etc...DO NOT do anything apart from delete the emails as these messages can contain methods for the sender to get your personal details.
Text Messages
with text messages these will be short messages normally saying that your parcel will need to be redelivered, and please click on this link to arrange that.
again the sender will have some sort of bug in the message that will activate tracking information to obtain your personal details

Delete the message and forget about it
Phone Scams
These scams start with an automated message normally from either Amazon, TV licensing and even worse HMRC, the HMRC message threatens court or even prison if you don't act, Please do not act on any of these messages as you will be put through people who will try and insist on ypu giving your details for the bank transfer.

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