Children and Young People's work and families

Led by Louise Randall and her team of volunteers

Holy Rascals at NCC

Children’s work is changing at NCC. It will all come under the banner of Holy Rascals @NCC. As we move into a new season as a church, so the children’s work is changing. Excitingly by Christmas the following will be running: Holy Rascals Sundays, Holy Rascals Toddlers, Holy Rascals Family time and hopefully Holy Rascals after school.

Please pray for Louise ad her team as they shepherd the children, as they plan and for the families who will attend.

More details to follow.





Sunday school is all suspended during Lockdown and Covid 19.

Louise has been very busy making up activity packs for the children and delivering them. Families can work through these as they listen to the Childrens live stream. This usually goes on line about 2.30pm on a Saturday afternoon. This has happened weekly, but is now being delivered fortnightly.

Reflections from Louise Randall

On Easter Sunday we ran two sessions primarily for the families that use the live streams and activity packs. We were blessed to have use of the Island Riding Centre’s fenced play area which gave us a large space outside. Ordinarily, when we have run these events, it has been free flowing. But due to Covid we sat people in the groups they came in. Instead of people moving around we gave out the activities, which made it far less chaotic than usual! Shane had put an activity pack together involving wood which the children made into wooden crosses. We decorated biscuits which are always a hit. We started with an Easter Egg Hunt and ended the session with Mark sharing a brief talk about why we celebrate Easter. The event was well received. We had 3 families that although we delivered packs too, it was the first time we had met them. It was so lovely to see them all again and catch up with where they are in life. We also met a new baby who was born in lockdown. As they left, due to some donations from church folk and the local supermarkets we were able to send them all away with a goodie bag of chocolates and some booklets that discussed Easter. One of the mum’s commenting on Facebook later said she had a lovely afternoon with her church family. It is such an honour and privilege to spend time with the families.




On Sunday mornings  (When not in lockdown).....we start in the main service with the adults for some worship. Then we go to our own activities. This includes a time of listening to God, some singing, and then age appropriate activities about the bible or an aspect of being Jesus' friend. We end our session with a prayer and then it is time for play until the adults meeting is finished. Some Sundays we stay in the service. If the adults have Communion we join them back in the service to receive Communion too. 








TLC @ NCC is our baby and toddler group which runs every Friday during term time and some holiday weeks. We meet at 9am for time to play. At 10:30am we pack the toys away and have a story, snack, some singing and a prayer to end with. The group is for all pre-schoolers and their carers. It is free to attend. 







Family Time

Every 6 weeks or so we run a family time session, normally on a Saturday afternoon. Family time is for all members of the family, children, mums and dads and grandparents too. We start with some activities for all ages, woodwork, junk modelling, bread making. One of the sessions we packed shoeboxes for  Operation Christmas Child. We then have a few large games, including some with the parachute. We do some singing and hear a short message based on the bible. To finish we all have a meal together. Family time is also free to attend.

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